Why did we launch Finance for Founders?

5 March 2015

I’ve been working very closely with startups and budding entrepreneurs over the last few years, and realised that while most founders have passion for what they do, they sometimes struggle with economics and even the simplest financial issues. Some may not be aware of the financial benefits offered by the government, companies, and accelerators and may lose out on some low-hanging fruit due to lacking sufficient knowledge about finance.

Petition to UK Parliament - Improve entrepreneurial schemes and their implementation

17 November 2015

While the UK media may portray that there is a lot of funding, mentoring and support for startups in the UK, the reality is less positive. Serial entrepreneurs and those with strong personal networks have done well, but the rest of us are struggling; several startups have attempted to scale, have shut down due to lack of funding, and have also left some entrepreneurs in financial distress. Please sign the petition here if you agree with the points highlighted below.

Why I would think twice before building a PRODUCT startup again in the UK

13 October 2015

Unfortunately many people in the start-up space do not understand the difference between PRODUCT and SERVICE start-ups. User/revenue traction is the standard investment criteria used by most investors. Product start-ups come with inherently higher risk, and investors don't like risk even though they want to have high returns. This is the reason why we don’t see product start-ups like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter coming out of the UK. Start-ups that get funding are usually service start-ups. We at CityFALCON have had to spend 9 months on building our product! So what’s the difference between a product and a service start-up.

UK unicorns - how much did they raise in their seed rounds?

9 September 2015

Let’s look at how much money did the UK “unicorns” raise in seed rounds i.e. pre-Series A. Unfortunately, not all companies have disclosed how much they have raised, and so below are only the companies where such information is available. If you have info for any other companies, ping me and I'll add it to this post.

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